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It's Time for a Paid Family Leave Policy

Paid Family Leave is at the nexus of economic policy and family policy -- two areas where conservatives excel. The United States today is the only industrialized nation without a national paid parental leave program. It's time for conservatives to take the lead on this pro-family idea and advocate for a paid family leave policy so parents and newborn babies or newly-adopted children have the time they need to rest and bond with one another.

Dear Member of Congress,

The United States today is the only industrialized nation lacking a federal paid family leave policy. The results are not surprising: approximately 60 percent of America's families lack access to paid family leave. Studies show just how important it is for parents and their newborn babies or newly-adopted children to take time to bond together. Without an adequate leave policy in place, many parents are forced to return back to work earlier than is recommended for the baby's health or the mother's health.

The benefits of paid family leave are enormous, both for the family and for the U.S. economy. According to the Independent Women's Forum, "Women who receive paid leave more likely to return to work after having a child, and to work more hours per week after returning to work." Additionally, paid family leave has been shown to improve the baby's health and lower infant mortality rates.

Conservatives can lead the national discussion on paid family leave. American families deserve a policy that puts the health of babies and new mothers at the forefront.

Please take action today to help the United States move forward with a pro-family, pro-baby, pro-economic growth paid family leave policy by signing our petition.

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