Why We Need a Conservative Paid Family Leave Policy

Imagine if all families could welcome a new baby or adopted child by spending the first first few months together bonding as a family. What kind of impact could that have on our nation? 

The need:

Helps Federal Budget:

  • Could increase number of taxpayers by reversing plummeting birthrate of 1.76 live births per woman (need 2.1 in order to maintain taxpayer population) (The Economist)


  • Supports women who choose life since most who have abortions say they cannot afford the child (Guttmacher Institute)

Importance of Bonding:

  • Studies show that early bonding is crucial for the long-term mental health and resilience of children (National Institutes of Health)

  • Fathers also produce the love hormone “oxytocin” when with baby those first few weeks and then are more involved in childrearing later (NBC News)

Health of Baby:

  • With each month of paid leave, infant mortality can drop by up to 13% (McGill University)

Health of Mother:

Keeps Mothers off public assistance:

  • After taking paid leave, mothers are 39% less likely to go on public assistance and 40% less likely to need food stamps (Rutgers University

  • 48% with household incomes under $30,000 currently go on public assistance after the birth of a baby (Pew Research Center

Benefits Businesses:

  • 90% of employers reported a positive impact or no impact from the introduction of paid leave policies (Department of Labor)

Public Support:

  • 74% of registered voters support paid leave. 70% of Men, 78% of women. 71% of Republicans, 83% of Democrats. 70% of Tea Party (Fortune-Morning Consult poll)

Fits Conservative Values:

  • No mandates on business, no new taxes, optional